Dumplings from light yeast dough from oven

Dumplings from light yeast dough from oven (5 pieces)

With bamboo shoots, mun mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, peppers, onions, leek, pineaplle and fried chicken

19,00 PLN

Chicken, smoked cheese, gouda cheese, mozzarella cheese and herbs

19,50 PLN

Chopped spinach, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese

19,00 PLN

Pear, blue cheese served with cranberry sauce

19,50 PLN

Beef prepared with thousand island sauce with cheddar cheese, red onion and pickled cucumber

20,50 PLN

BBQ chicken, red onion, corn, cucumber and gouda cheese

21,50 PLN

Hand-made salmon paste (may contain fishbones), sundried tomatoes and cream cheese server with dill sauce

24,50 PLN

Pork sirloin, Teryaki sauce, peppers, onions, lemongrass, mun mushrooms, cayenne and roasted sesame served with lime sauce

25,00 PLN


cranberry, garlic, dill, honey-mustard, sour cream, thousand island

2,50 PLN


3,50 PLN